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Full Version: Bluefish Bay 3rd Anniversary Raffle!
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Yes, that is right we have been open for three years now. Where has the time gone. ok just because this last year felt like 12 we thought that we would have a raffle.

Week 1 - Raffle Ends June 8th the Theme - MEGA WEEK. - Winner Nellie
Week 2 - Raffle ends June 15th the theme - Anything but Normal - Winner Deystire
Week 3 - Raffle ends June 22nd the theme - The Eyes have it! - Winner Nellie

Week 4 - Raffle ends June 29th the theme - Whiskers you away
Balinese Cream Lynx with Plum Tipped black
Scottish Shorthair Blue and White with Blue Tipped White
Bengal Charcoal with Double Dreamy hiding Snappy Lite
Genesis Pearl II with Snappy Lite
Chateau Cat Toffee Caramel with Blush Tipped White
Burmese Platinum with Sage Tipped Black
Aussie Mist Light Chocolat Marble with Turquoise Tipped Black
One weeks Free Rent at Bluefish Bay
One of a Kind Prince Kitty Bed
3 Collars and Two hats

100L per entry - 100% of the proceeds goes to the market

June Renters Special - Rent 3 weeks and get 1 week free! all month long!

So come on down and check it out! Bluefish Bay Market
There is only a few days left until Mega week Raffle will be called there is only 13 entries to the board!
Week Three has started come down and check it out 100L takes it all away

Week 3 - Raffle ends June 22nd the theme - The Eyes have it!
Prize - 3 hats, 2 collars, 1 week free Rent, 1 Princess Cat Bed and
Sibling Pair of Silver and White Tabby with Canary Eyes
Sibling Pair of Ocicat Tawny with Lucky Irish Clover Eyes
We have Huckleberry, Blueberry, Fancie Cobalt Diamond, Fancie Odyssey Circus, and Flowerchild GoodVibrations
whisker you a way has started!
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