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Full Version: Garden Party Collection - Which cats are the rares?
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I thought it were the Robin Egg cats. But, the whole Garden Party collection has been very much in demand, and is now very rare.

I hope though that this doesn't mean KittyCats is going to release a V2.0 version. Let the rare cats stay rare!
(07-08-2021 06:43 AM)Tad Carlucci Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't expect the charts to show the distribution relative rarity since it's not something we can breed for and, once the collection goes off-sale, to doesn't matter any more. What matters after they leave the shop is the population, which should, but might not, follow the distribution odds. Then, over time, changes as people leave and cats are lost. So, it's all too possible that the "most rare" (meaning least likely to appear) eventually becomes the "most common" when you wander about the world.

Often the rares are higher priced so over time the cheaper "common" ones sell and then we are left with just the rares for sale and they become commonly available. As Tad said its only really during the time (3-4 weeks) that they are available in the mainstore that such things matter. For people trying to buy a collection a few years after a release they are all pretty much going to be rare or hard to find.
Often it pays to ask on the wanted section of the forum as people might be willing to part with cats they stashed away but expect to pay a premium for them.
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