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Full Version: BIG surprise this morning! Mega AU Natural
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I think this one is worth a perma-pet!

[Image: 7eeb4515e2bfaaeb8f5cd9cb53214064.png]
Wow, major congratulations Gigi! You discovered this fur too, right? SO wonderful! Heart
Thanks Kash, yes i did and this was a fantastic bonus! I cant wait until it is grown so everyone can see its fur in all its glory!
He is gorgeous and worth the perma! Heart
Oh my Gosh! Congratulation! This is by far one of my favourite furs. Heart
(03-20-2021 05:20 AM)GiGi Burgess Wrote: [ -> ]I think this one is worth a perma-pet!

That is a beautiful kitty - I think it's the loveliest fur of all ~ and absolutely worth the cost of a permapet!

Congratulations! Smile
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