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Full Version: NEW Cheetah! Lime
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Fur: Cheetah! - Lime
Eyes: Genesis Bronze (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Mysterious
Ears: Tiger Fold
Whiskers: Chocolate Tipped Flame (Shape: Light Wave)
Size: 12 cm (4.7 inch)

[Image: a503cbd7ebf5417594c3541048aa8def.png]
You've put to rest all the mystery about the "missing" Cheetah Lime. Such a pretty fur like sherbet.
Congrats, odd we were just talking about the mysterious Cheetah Lime with light spots yesterday. Finally all those questions answered Smile
Congratulations! I love the bright popsicle lime many beautiful things you can do with the Lime fur...and fun for summer too!Heart
Cheetah!Lime Dominant to Cheetah!Blue Raspberry

[Image: c248438da4799efd10d8f10374dbf692.png]
[Image: 4f0f7648453182964aede827565ed9e8.png]
Cheetah! - Lime (Number 1 the light dots) is dominant to Tiger Chartreuse.

[Image: 51380807414_3bc4e8c59b_b.jpg]CheetahLime1>TigerChartreuse

We still have no top range for the fur. I am starting a test versus Cream Tabby.
Cheetah! Lime recessive to Bengal Charcoal

[Image: 9e3cbafff2528eb2848e8316e5a2e902.png]
Thank you so much for putting a top range to that fur.
I have a test versus AS Cream tabby ongoing, but no results yet.
Cheetah! - Lime recessive to Abyssinian - Lilac

[Image: a880b8a6b1770e6e20a7fcd59db81e4a.png]
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