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Full Version: Hello all its been a while, how are KC doing ?
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Hi all

I hope everyone is safe and well in these hard times.

Its been quite a few years now and i thought i would check in and see how KC are doing ? Is it still busy ? Looking at possibly returning sometime soon.
Hi UberSkills,
KittyCats is still tickng over nicely, lots of new stuff for you to discover both in traits and features for the online cattery and the cats. Theres still a few of us around who remember you and your awesome breeding. There have been a few changes regarding charts and stuff like that. Feel free to hit me up inworld and I'll do my best to answer any questions you have when you return Smile
Hi Arwen

Thank you for your kind words Smile I will be sure to hit you up if i need any info and hopefully see you in world.

Take care.
hi!!! omg it's YOU!! haha, welcome back! hope to see you in world sooooooonnnnn!!!!
Hii Callie

I am surprised you remember me lol

Defo see you in world soon Smile
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