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Full Version: Winter Decoration Contest Info!
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KittyCatS! Winter Decoration Contest Info 2020!


Fast Facts:
• The contest will be held at our KittyCatS! Winter Wonderland area.
• Participants will need 1 group spot open to join the KittyCatS! & FriendS EventS group.
• Every participant will get 175 prims to decorate.
• You will be given a sample display to use ahead of time to plan your decorating.
• Decorating will be from December 12th through December 15th.
• Sim opens around December 16th to the public.
• Winners will be chosen by a KittyCatS! judging panel (prizes listed below!)
• Winners will be announced by New Years.
• Last day to apply is December 12th!
• Space is limited, so apply fast!

Judges Panel prizes are:
First place – 25,000K$
Second Place – 18,750K$
Third Place – 12,500K$

We will also have a public vote separate from the Judges Panel. The top three displays with the highest votes will receive a custom trophy.


Rules for participation:
- One stall per person. (no alts)
- At least three KittyCatS! cats have to be in the scene.
- PG content.
- By participating in this event you agree to the above.

We invite you to let your imagination run wild and create a magnificent display to share with the world!

Space is limited, so apply fast!


If you want to participate in the contest please create a notecard named " KittyCatS! Winter Decoration Contest (avatar name)" with the following information and place it into the Event Participation Mailbox here: KittyCatS! Event Participation Mailbox

Last day to apply is December 12th!

KittyCatS! Winter Decoration Contest 2020

- Avatar Name (not display name):
- Will anyone be decorating with you?
- If yes, their avatar name:
- Are you able to join our event group?

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