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Full Version: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond
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Fancie Cobalt Diamond Eyes

[Image: dfe6f6be03a344e9f10d861246097757.png]
Congratulations Eleanor!
Lovely eye.
very nice eye eleanor wtg do u have a slose up pic of the eye plz?
Looks so pretty would love to see a close up too, congrats Eleanor
I will have a pic once support returns the box to me, SL decided to take it :-(
bad sl how very dare they haha hate it when sl borks
Congrats Eleanor Smile
Still waiting for the kitten to be replaced but this is his mum who has his eyes as part of her costume.

Callie, please, please can we have the whiskers as a breedable trait.

[Image: 1ec5922c43880f115ddd425f0aaa96cd.png]
thanks for posting a pic eleanor them eyes are gorg and hope u get your cat back soon
He's back! :-)

[Image: 233db36bd9ddddeeb233934d8ff0ce47.png]
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