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Full Version: Lexi Dagger Patron Auction Friday 11/27/2020 9am
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[Image: 6090e02abbaa3b49f02862081589cf20.jpg]

CatTales presents..Lexi Dagger (arcadiamyst) Patron Auction

Date: Friday 11/27/2020
Time: 9am SLT

Auctioneers: China Falmer and Purrz Catnap

Patron Profile

Lexi started breeding with KittyCats over 3 years ago, and have since enjoyed it because of their unique genetic structure. In addition, the cats are very realistic to real life cats such as with their movements and behaviors. Lexi stated that when breeding with Kittycats, it becomes fun making different cat breeds by formulating combination of colors and traits. Furthermore, the community has an excellent supportive system such as Cattery, Auctions, and Web Forum for players to be interactive with each other. Lexi states, "I love real life cats and Second Life so Kittycats are purrrfect for me".

and she already has amazing kitties up there, looking forward to this one!
YAY! Lexi! Check out this Line - Up!
Don't forget Lexi's Patron Auction tomorrow at 9am, see original post!!
A great line up xx
Ohhh....just took a peek at these kitties!!!
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