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Full Version: Hello help needed
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Hi could i please have assistance

a few years ago i put my kittens into the cattery (i think)

i need to some how stop getting the messages i get daily, i am not planning on buying anymore food or breeding my cats.

do i need to get a terminal to do this or has the way you do this now changed?

many thanks
I'm new, and was coming to ask a question that relates -- but think I have an answer for you (someone more knowledgeable will probably be by too!!! lol!!)

To your problem, I would use the dock to take them out of the cattery (got mine at the kittycats sim in world) and keep them in your inventory, or if you want to get rid of them all together, give them to the menagerie.

My question relates, in that I have some cats that have passed their breeding age in the cattery, and was thinking of pulling them out and doing the same -- either keeping them in the inventory or menagerie. I just wanted to make sure if I put them in inventory, they wouldn't be too sick to recover if I used them as a pet later on.

They are the more "special" type -- one with bunny ears and an april fools kitty, and read somewhere it was better to keep your specials than give them to the menagerie.
You use the dock to take the cats out of cattery.
They will be sick from not being fed. You can then decide which ones you want to menagerie and put the others into your inventory where they will continue to be sick from not being fed. KittyCats do not die from being sick. At any point you can pull them out of inventory and let them eat for 7 days and they will be fine, or you can get a Get Well potion from the store to restore them instantly.
Many people also keep their aged-out cats in an alt's cattery as a way of giving them very safe KittyCats storage but without the daily messages.

As for keeping "specials", cabbits, Costume cats: yes those are limited edition items and far more rare and have resale value.
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