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Full Version: **STILL HAPPENING** KittyCats SALE!!!! Incl 100L Kitties!
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I have placed out a BUNCH of kittycats for $100L each. Some teacups and other sizes for 200-500L. 3 megas are out also.

On the other side, I have rezzed a BUNCH of confettis, all different colors!

Stop by and see all that is out, I am sure you will find a surprise or two!

Kitty Sale!!!!
Just a pic to show what is currently available!

[Image: 0650095c6d99f283443e3962e36442d8.jpg]
Sale is still happening, added a LOT of collectibles, also! Come check out the Kitty Awesomeness!
Bumpity Bump!
Still happening, and still lots of goodies here!
currently reducing prices on confetties as we speak!
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