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Full Version: Top Cat Art Park Auction Sundays 8am
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[Image: Teaser_for_2_MAy_Top_Cat_-_Mr._Kitty_Uni...Leaf_1.png]

CatTales Kittycats Market presents...KittyCats Gospel Auction

Date: Sunday 05/02/2021
Time: 8am SLT

Auctioneer: ςoνєгßⓄץ кєレレץ™ (coverboytoy) and Sister Cousin

WORDS FOR TEASER - SisterCousin's gone crazy with snooty paintings of kitties and such at Top Cat Art Park.

Putting on airs, for sure. Well, Bubba snuck in and put up a photo of one of SisterCousin's "friends" from back in the day. Trolley snipped a nice fresh fig leaf and taped it on 'cause we don't want to offend anybody on a "Moderate" sim, don't you know.

All the kitties are laughing and taking bets that SisterCousin is gonna have a hissy fit when she gets to the auction. Coverboy is gonna have to give her some of them little pills before the auction.

Speaking of auctions, it's a GRAND lineup we got for you this Sunday, so put on your painting duds and get ready for some fun. Going for the SIXTH all-sales in a row! With the lucky prize wheel STUFFED by Coverboy. SisterCousin's got prezzies for panel holders, too.

Remember, if we get an all sales, everyone who attended the auction will get an opportunity to spin the wheel for prizes.

Stay Tuned and frequently visit this post thread for more updates and information.
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