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Full Version: Top Cat Art Park Auction Sundays 8am
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[Image: KGA_-_Teaser_for_new_auction_-_SisterCou...er_way.png]

CatTales Kittycats Market presents...KittyCats Gospel Auction

Date: Sunday 04/18/2021
Time: 8am SLT

Auctioneer: ςoνєгßⓄץ кєレレץ™ (coverboytoy) and Sister Cousin

Trolley and Bubba had to get on back to the home place . . . gospels ain't gonna get pappy out of Sheriff Redwing's jail. Ain't gonna get the crops in neither. Folks count on them weeds and sleepy-time flowers that Bubba and Trolley grow.

So, snooty SisterCousin got to work building HER notion of what's fittin' to showcase all the fine kitties people bring to auction. Top Cat Auction Park is the result. First auction is this coming Sunday at 8 o'clock SLT.

Put on your fancy duds, bring ALL your Lindens and buy some kitties. Just don't rile up SisterCousin. She ain't soft and sweet like Cousin Trolley. Fair Warning!

Remember, if we get an all sales, everyone who attended the auction will get an opportunity to spin the wheel for prizes.

Stay Tuned and frequently visit this post thread for more updates and information.
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Since servers were down last week, we will resume this week.
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