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Full Version: This is my vision for a Kittycat Community Embassies group.
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This is my vision for a Kittycat Community Embassies group. I Don't really want to be in charge of any group so this group is not structured that way. I had enough of drama and stepped away but was convinced to try and make it work.... It is an everyones group not just my group. Anyone wanting to do their own events is granted an Ambassador role with powers so that Ambassadors are also the group operators.

In a virtual world such as SL we often have our own areas that we like to configure how we like them. Often times people like to share their areas with others that are tied to similar items, games, breedable pets, etc. The problem is SL is not built to share those types of things without a huge amount of effort or spamming in groups and such. This is NOT A SPAM group It is sharing kittycat type events.

We have already done a fishing contest that some nice kittycat boxes were the prizes.

There is a megapuss race in the planning and construction stages and some kind of decoration contest using marble podiums that a couple of the ladies in the group are putting together. I think we even have a bingo area close to being ready as well. Big Grin
Yes we are in the early stages but hope to have the area completed and ready for a show, what would kind of show would you like to do first? Favorite kitties, a specific breed, get back with one of us in world or on the forum and give us yours ideas thoughts, about what kind of things you guys would like to see happen or to do?
Although I have not been able to participate in CatShows a lot, I WAS part of the first one and loved that! It is amazing to go see everyone's ideas how they want to show off their cats. I have missed those...

Seeing a ROTATION of ideas and themes would be amazing! So many people have such talent in here and there is everything from homemade textures and photography as part of the display to the cutest decor items or gachas I just want to run out and get for MY cats, LOL.

As a community we are limited only by our imaginations and time to put it together. VICTORIAN VALENTINES comes to my mind for February but it's almost upon us ... Something Shamrock"ish" or Irish for March ... or March Winds .. could work for next month? April is both Easter and Passover this year .. have you ever seen a Cabbit in a yarmulka/kippah? Me either ... hmmm thought bubbles more ideas ...

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