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Full Version: TraitS R uS auction is starting nowwww!!!
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TraitS R uS auction is starting nowwww!!!

Amazing line up today with Rosie!!
BlueTab 5T BigBooboo Black Wiskers
BurmChamp 4T Black Plush Wiskers
Smokey II Divine eyes Plush Wiskers
SiamFlame 6T perf Gerb Purple 2Tone
AbyLilac 6T Shorty tail
Couple of Love Leopard Plum
Chateau Cocoa No1 Twinkle shade Plush Wiskers
Oci Chocolate 6T Soft Fold ears
Aby Black Silver 5T Beach Blue

On special panels :
Russian Black 4T Pure Starry baby Blue
BurmBlue 4T Pure Mint Julep 2Tone
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