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Wednesday morning, SL ate my birthday boy kitty as I was re-rezzing him. Since I couldn't get to the support page, I was told to send a notecard to Kitten Longmeadow, which I did & someone in chat (Caylea String - thank you!) filed a ticket for me. Since I hadn't heard anything when I got home, I filed a ticket. Later that evening, my kitty was returned to me, but he has different color eyes!

I have never had a reason to file a ticket before, so I don't know the time line of how they work. My friend who has filed a ticket before, said she usually gets an automated response within a very short time. I haven't received anything. I updated my ticket this morning to include that the kitty's eye color is different. Although I can't tell for sure, it doesn't look like my ticket has ever been looked at.

Since my kitty was returned, wouldn't the ticket have been updated to include that? Should I just ignore that my kitty has different color eyes now? Will that affect the genetics it passes on?

Any advice would be appreciate.
Hi Wren,

Do you have the ID of your original kitty on the pedigree page?
Because if your kitty shows a different eye color there might have been made a mistake and yes this could effect your kitties genetics.
Hopefully you see your kitty listed in your pedigree overview and this way you can trace it's ID.
With this ID I would file an other support ticket explaining what happend and with the right ID included.
I hope this helps some.
Good luckSmile
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