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Full Version: Furritoes! $L100 Sale!
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Please come see my little Furritoes (furry toes) LoL

Heart I has Tigers purple, pink and turquoise** Exclamation all 100L
Heart I has Megas Exclamation all 600L
Heart I has SIZED gachas .. teacup, toy, petite, Bigger de Big**

All normal sized kitties are 100L ..7-8-9T (mostly 9T)

=-= 9T gacha CHEAP =^.^=
Sale going all weekend long!
bumpies Big Grin .. halloween kitties Big Grin Megas Big Grin
Heart bumpies Angel making bread Angel Classic Halloween Gacha Kittens Heart Emeralds Big Grin
Hump Day Head Bumps Big Grin
Cool Fabulous Friday Bumpies Heart
Humpday Bumpies Big Grin
Heart Super Saturday Bumps Heart
Humpday Bumpies Big Grin
Big Grin humpday head bumpies Big Grin
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