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Full Version: The Aquarium Auction! Saturdays @10:30AM SLT. Magic Reef! Tangerine No.2! AND MORE!
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The Aquarium Auction! Saturdays @10:30AM SLT on CatTales! 11 Panels for only 1L, 1 Special Panel, Ap Panel and a weekly Raffle! Come Join us!

~ Panel SP
7T/8T M&F American Shorthair Tawny Tabby with Glitter, Stubby, Soft Curl/Tufted, Blue Tipped White/Chocolate Tipped Flame and Swanky Lite. ~Adana
9T M Chateau Cat Cream and White No.1 with Galaxy Comet, Blush, Lush, Equine, Butterscotch Tipped Black and Dreamy. ~Dee (AP)
9T F Russian White with Destiny Skyline, Blush, Super Posh, Pointed Soft Fold, White and Snappy. ~Doreen
~ Panel 2
8T/9T M&F Abyssinian Platinum with Galaxy Trip, Blush, Plush/Posh, Pixie Point/Scotty Fold, Latte and Sassy/Dreamy. ~Nellie
9T F Burmese Champagne with Marble Magic, Blush, Sashay, Tiger Fold, Chocolate Tipped Flame and Curious. ~Cindy
9T F Tiger! Chartreuse with Gerbera Purple, Twinkle, Tiger Curl, Pixie Point, Butterscotch Tipped Black and Stubby. ~Ana
8T M Cheetah! Tangerine No.2 with Grey Matter, Blush, Super Posh, Butterscotch and Swanky Lite. ~Colleen
9T F Foxie Snow with Starry Ocean Blues, Brilliant, Lush, Equine, Cream and Swanky Lite. ~Occi
BOXED - GumDrop Angel - Teal Prince. (Winter Collection 2020). ~Eddy
9T M Australian Mist Ginger with Dreamy Oasis, Porcelain, Fluffy, Dreamy Fold, Chocolate Tipped and Boo Boo. ~Helen
~ Panel 9
8T M Foxie Blondie with Light Wash, Twinkle, Fluffy, Boo Boo and Chocolate. ~Lexi

Raffle Info!
Brought By: Lexi Dagger (arcadiamyst)
Price: 50L (ACTIVE)
9T F Scottish Shorthair Blue and White with Crystal Dream, Porcelain, Tiger Curl, Wild Tiger, Black and Dreamy.
*UPDATED 9/20/2019* TOMORROW @10:30AM SLT!
*UPDATED 9/27/2019* TOMORROW @10:30am slt!
*UPDATED 1/3/2019* Saturday @ 10:30am!
*UPDATED 10/4/2019* TOMORROW @10:30AM!
*UPDATED 10/18/2019* TOMORROW @10:30AM!
*UPDATED 10/25/2019* Saturday @10:30AM!
*UPDATED 10/25/2019* TOMORROW @10:30AM!
*UPDATED 11/1/2019* TOMORROW @10:30AM!
*UPDATED 11/15/2019* TOMORROW @10:30AM!
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