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Full Version: Forest Temple Tuesdays @10AM SLT! SO MANY Beautiful Kittens! Come Prepared!!
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Forest Temple Auction on CatTales! 12 Panels for 50L. Raffle! And Free Panel Giveaways!
Line Up:
9T F Tiger! Golden Ticket with Galaxy Comet, Flair, Lush, Tufted, Butterscotch Tipped Black and Double Dreamy. ~Eddy
9T M Chateau Cat Slate and White No.1 with Opaline, Brilliant, Super Posh, Pixie Rounded, Blue Tipped White and Swanky Lite. ~Shajen
7T M Genesis Coco IV with Genesis Earth, Blush, Super Posh, Equine, Black and Double Plush. ~Dee
8T M Foxie Blondie with Autumn Leaf, Blush, Plush, Dreamy Fold, 2 Tone Black and White and Boo Boo. ~Sally
9T M Tiger! Shadow with Rock My World, Twinkle, Puff, Scotty Fold, Grey Tipped Black and Swanky Lite. ~John
9T M Tiger! Pinkie Winkie with Odyssey Crystal Rose, Blush, Curious, Pointed Soft Fold, Blush Tipped White and Double Dreamy. ~Colleen
9T F Bengal Charcoal with Sparkle Dream, Radiant, Sashay, Pixie Tufted, White Tipped Grey and Swanky Lite. ~Dream
8T F Toyger Snow with Marble Magic, Sashay, Tufted, Grey Tipped White and Swanky Lite. ~Cindy
4T F Confetti PlumBerry with Boo Boo, Pointed Soft Fold and Black. ~Helen
9T F Australian Mist Snow with FlowerChild GoodVibrations, Blush, Fluffy, Tufted, Grey Tipped Black and Double Plush. ~Occi
6T M Chimera Black Grey with Dreamy Hideaway, Blush, Odyssey Rounded Boo Boo and Chocolate. ~Sebastian
9T M&F (TOY) Burmese Champagne with Lemon, Twinkle, Frisky/Curious, Odyssey No.1/Soft Curl, Black/Latte and Plush//Dreamy. ~Nellie
7T F Chateau Cat Toffee Caramel with Tapestry Reef, Posh, Pixie Tufted, Blue Tipped White and Swanky Lite. ~Dreaming
9T M Russian White with Crystal Clear, Blush, Stubby, Scotty Fold, White and Dreamy. ~Doreen
9T M Chateau Cat Cocoa and White No.1 with Fancie Rose Diamond, Twinkle, Wild, Vampire, Chocolate and Double Plush. ~Lexi

Raffle Info:

Brought By: SARAH™ (xsarahx.starlight)
Price: 50L (ACTIVE)
9T M Toyger Coal with Double Dip Flora, Blush, Puff, Scotty Fold, Chocolate Tipped and Stubby.

Cat Mats:

*UPDATED 7/8/2019* Tuesday @9AM SLT!
*UPDATED 7/13/2019* Tuesday @9AM SLT!
*UPDATED 7/21/2019* Tuesday @9AM SLT! 1 Panel Open!
*UPDATED 8/6/2019* TODAY @9AM SLT!
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