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Full Version: Special Kitty Notation
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I would like to make a suggestion for the Collection Kitties that have special kitties. It would be nice, if in the pedigree, if there were a special symbol of some kind, that shows if it has had it's kitty or not. This batch (the sweetcats), i bred some specials in the beginning, some i planned for later, and i bought some a little later, that theoretically wouldn't have had theirs. However...due to my own mixups, i forgot who had one and who didn't...and yes, you can see the kids...but i have noticed even if you own the same kitty, if you pass to an alt and back, not all the kitties show up again, for some reason. Or purchasing out in the wild, it would be nice to see, did it have it or not. Doesn't have to be big...maybe a baby bottle symbol somehow on the pedigree page. *laughs*
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