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I have put the kittys in the cattery ... 7 Years ago I left game after death of family memember . When i returned i kept trying to have one help me i just want them to stop sending my emails to my email. I think its long enough now. Can some one tell me how?
Is the problem that you are getting "you have run out of food in the cattery" messages?

If that's the problem, you have several options. You can either menagerie the kitties in the cattery, or if they are nice enough to be worth perma-petting (since they are obviously WAY past breeding age at this point), such as costumed kitties, then you may be able to get someone to buy them even though they are sick, or you can just give them away to someone. If you get them out of the cattery you will stop receiving "out of food" messages.
Also if you do not have the L to perma pet them and you wish to keep them you can take them out of the cattery and put them into your inventory and that will stop them from yelling at you.
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