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Full Version: ~ the cozy cat ~
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New ? the cozy cat ? Mainstore has open!

Cozy funishings for cats.

I make baskets and displays and more stuff in the future.

Come to the cozy cat mainstore and grab your free gift Wink

New products:

Catdisplay "Firi", available on 2 pillow-colors and 3 wood-colors, 90ls each:

[Image: tcc-KatzendisplayFirirosychoc.jpg]

Catbox "Felja", available on 4 pillow-colors and 3 wood-colors, 60ls each:

[Image: tcc-KatzenkisteFeljatanlilac.jpg]
New items from ? the cozy cat ?:

Catbasket "Mysa" with 6 color options (texturchange-script), copy, 80ls:

[Image: tcc-KatzenkorbMysa.jpg]

Catdisplay "Firi" 2, available on 2 pillow-colors and 3 wood-colors, mod/copy, 90ls each:

[Image: tcc-KatzendisplayFiri2olivekhaki.jpg]
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