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Full Version: New Eye FlowerChild Woodstock
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[Image: 8594b2afe34607b011d732bfc36da40e.png]

Is Recessive to Marble Magic:
[Image: 3b880c93e0bf6d9586040f8946dd26bf.png]
[Image: 4a8fa0d10163b40b31da5a258fca42b2.png]

Is Dominant to Grey Matter:

[Image: c8db0e8bf3cfdcd97b57c478e918bb38.png]
[Image: 9d407930153145ecc22693b2e6a485d9.jpg]
Wow congrats on finding another new eye Cloe, going through the proofs now but I'll get it added ASAP Smile
Ok so quick analysis here of the pedigrees Cloe has posted.

Firstly lets take the FlowerChild Woodstock discovery, thats the result of a backbreed between her 8th Birthday boy and the special offspring from the 8th Birthday cats, the Special shows Double Odyssey Peace and hides the other 8th birthday cats hidden, since the backbreed produced a FC Woodstock we can see thats the hidden eye of the boy and recessive to Double Odyssey Peace, if the DOP had come from the boy that would show on the baby not FC Woodstock.
So at this point we know it's recessive to DOP. All the breed info for the special baby is there scattered among the pedigrees. (Parents shown in final pedigree) Also shown in the final pedigree is a breed of the Special baby hiding FC Woodstock to a grey Matter and producing FC Woodstock suggesting it is dominant to Grey Matter. Since Grey Matter is currently the most recessive eye thats conclusive.
Next Cloe states its recessive to Marble Magic so lets look at that one, Debby is actually 16 days old at time of posting and was the discovery kitty so Cloe has sat on this for a couple of weeks, anyway she is pure FC Woodstock as she is the result of the backbreed, she bred to a marble magic and the result was Marble Magic.
So that means its Meditation Clarity to place this eye.

So Jaycie shows DOP and hides FC Woodstock pulled onto Debby via a backbreed.
Debby Bred to a Marble Magic and that resulted in Marble Magic
Jaycie then bred to a Grey Matter and produced a FC Woodstock thus giving us a range of recessive to Marble Magic and Dominant to Grey Matter.
Grats Cloe! Lovely eye ♥
"Woodstock" - Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Vintage footage; music is a slightly faster performance than the most usual version. I didn't realize how many children were brought to the festival.
very cool eye
Congrats, beautiful eye.
Recessive to Meditation Clarity:

[Image: 4e20dd24c2b32ff12c43015c8dd61aa8.png]

Was given pure M.Clarity by Arwen for testing and it was tested on pure F.Woodstock.
Woo Hoo, its placed.
I had prepared proof that David was pure but theres no need to post it because FC Woodstock is recessive to Meditation CLarity.
We already know Debby is pure as she was the discovery cat via a backbreed so this places FlowerChild Woodstock between Meditation Clarity and Grey Matter

Grats Cloe
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