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Full Version: a new FANCIE FUR we choose & ability to cash in mixed gems please?
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Callie and company,

It would be amazing to have a NEW FANCIE fur and also the ability to choose which one we would like. For how long it takes to get a Fancie and how special they are and for some, how much they cost if you buy one ... could we change the rules for purchase to get THE Fancie we choose instead of random? Many of us have gotten the same fur over and over several times in a row.

I also would like to propose that IF we want to, we COULD (but are free not to) choose to cash in mixed gems to buy the Fancie??

At present ... unless we wait a really long time for all of one kind, trading gems for some of us is not a pleasant experience. I realize some of us enjoy selling the gems and trading them, but with KittyCatS website recording our gems, how many and of which kind we own, ... I think it would be amazing to say CASH ME OUT for One Fancie in Pink (or name your choice) please and get the one you want without having to bother and beg people to "help me out because I really want to get a kitty" speech. I personally find that stressful and avoid asking for help.

Its all about feeling good with something FANCIE and fine, right? Love my SnugglePusses!
Thanks for listening,
I agree swopping of gems can be challenging and think it would be great idea to have mixed gems to the same equivalent of 10 diamonds, 20 rubies or 30 emeralds used to get your fancie kitty.

I also agree just as we can choose what type of Menagerie kitty we can get, the same should be applied to Fancie Cats. It is frustrating to save up your gems and trade them in, only to get the same fur Fancie cat.
I've gotten the same Fancie twice now, and yes, trading gems can be a bit time consuming, forcing you to wait another 1, 2, 3 weeks while you technically already have enough gems... but I feel that's part of what Fancies are all about. It's part of the charm, or the rarity, of Fancies.

I DO vote yes for another fur, after all (hint hint) there's still an empty Bengal-color-slot in the lineup. Wink Different sizes might be another thing that would spice up our jeweled kitties.
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