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Full Version: Costume Kitties and Transferable Traits
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For the various costume/special kitties - like the 8th Bday Baby. He is showing one set of traits on the main Pedigree List page and a completely different set on the cat-specific Pedigree page. Will any of the traits on the List page transfer during breeding or only what shows on the cat specific page.

For example, in image below, the top line is the list of traits that are shown on the main Pedigree List page. The bottom set is what is shown when I click the kitty and go to her cat specific page. Are any of the top row traits passable to babies or is the entire set just part of the costume and can't get passed on (like the fur of our Foolin Around kitties)?

[Image: d7ebc67d237138eb760a2f786ac0bf66.png]

The traits on the cat's pedigree page are its actual traits inherited from its parents. The costume traits aren't breedable.
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