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Full Version: Foolin' Around on April Fools!
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New kitties!!! Callie set up april fool's kitties, that pull from the previous collection kitties! One per avatar...*laughs*

So, here's the one I opened:

[Image: 5029cd220473f6bb622172c267df211f.png]

Might not be the first one bred (after callie's) but pretty darn close!

Share yours?

I'm laughing, cuz this is how SHE'S listed in the pedigree:
[Image: 03bb635a298d7b27003225861b909ca8.png]
Here's mine:

[Image: pb7ZJPa.jpg]
[Image: 09bc25f64b5a9971b4e3dc13f96d70cd.png]

shows up in my pedigree as a retro robocats - kaleidoscope. *laughs*

[Image: aedc6af4ba1bcc683e05aea2cd18c74f.png]

[Image: a441f68bc69cfe6c0a2a676f55eadfb8.jpg]

[Image: 199f4775316e8264c08bf3f1fb1f14d7.png]
and this one has a perfect tail!
[Image: f3239e83a1373c65588e46959452f6cc.png]
Here is my April Fool Puss, Murtaugh!
My April Smile
Is it indeed 1 per avatar, or will every cat born today be a 'foolin around' cat?
(04-01-2019 06:43 AM)Eiji Kokorin Wrote: [ -> ]Is it indeed 1 per avatar, or will every cat born today be a 'foolin around' cat?

1 per avatar Smile
[Image: 462cc74e55bf1f6d414cb82b7d734c30.png]

First one is mine, second one from an alt. The first one kicks in my OCD Smile

[Image: 8172c78cede431faaee3ca428698ecef.png]

[Image: 9cbd4e90616fa1c08695407e0536a0c3.png]

Last one is my first 9T Golden Ticket.. figures lol
[Image: 90ec4ccba7c4fdaafeda17bc08cd4266.png]
My next 2....I swear, the names got mixed up, like calling a cat Spot:

[Image: dbc4548a789336af977615b33a83f14a.jpg]
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