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Full Version: Collectors to trade
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I'm sorting threw cats, live and boxed. I have some collector cats that are just sitting in my cattery waiting to see the light of day. I'd rather trade ones I have for ones that I want to have running around my house. I'm looking for Devil dolls, skelecats, mummies, frankien kitties, 2018 St Paddy tiger, Sized Le tigre and giraffes, Sweetcats 1 & 2 sized, Naughty kitties.

I have (boxed) Bold love set including rare, Male and Female Baby bunny Rainbow, Baby bunny yellow, coral and green, Delectable Darling decadence, Garden Party Blueberry boy and girl, Lovebirds at last, Lovebirds Deepblue sea, Love Leopard Wild thing Apple, Wild Flowers citrus blossom, World Soccer team Abby, Bengal and Foxie, Scarecrows Yellow (boy & girl) Sangria boy Cobalt Girl. New Years Peace water, Maneki DreamS - Kindness Dream female
Romantic cats Lyrical Lass/Dainty Damsel, Knight Time x2

I have others live that I will add asap
♀ Tink (1537 days)
sELFies! - Misfit
Size: Teacup
i may have some of the collector kitties that you are looking for just shoot me a message

Eternity Moorlord
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