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Full Version: new Whiskers Color - Grey Tipped Black -
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new Whiskers Color - Grey Tipped Black -

[Image: 33z8u41.jpg]

recessive too Chocolate Tipped Flame Rolleyes

[Image: al1yz5.png]
Wow a new whisker color!
And it could be a new most recessive too!
Congrats. Really good new whisker colour.
lovely .. Congrats!
YAY... NEW WHISKER! Beautiful! I love dark whiskers! Congrats!
Grey Tipped Black is recessive too Butterscotch Tipped Black

Quaseem Chocolate Tipped Flame ( hides Grey Tipped Black ) with Butterscotch Tipped Black

[Image: judcbb.png]

[Image: xfycyg.png]
[Image: 24o0iv6.png]
hides grey Tipped Black with Butterscotch Tipped Black

[Image: 2d0n8so.png]
Okay Grey Tipped Black is the New Most Recessive!

What Julinah has done here is actually provide the proof two different ways. It's important to see that we're still dealing with the same starter cat that she used in the intro proof (Grey Tipped Black < Chocolate Tipped Flame).

We saw in the very top of the thread the pull-through-backbreed that showed that SiamSeal/Twil/?/Sas is a Grey Tipped hider. Once she's established that, we know that SiamSeal/Twil/?/Sas can only throw a genesis or the Grey Tipped. Therefore, if any other cat throws their whisker and it shows on the kitten, that whisker MUST be dominant to the Grey Tipped.

Dealing with the very last pedigree first (because it's easiest).. you can see SiamSeal/Twil/?/Sas mated with a Butterscotch Tipped Black shower (who must be pure as it was the previous last most recessive AND the line goes back 99 days (whereas the Sweetcats are 38/39 days old). The Butterscotch Tipped black shows on the kitten, and therefore Grey Tipped is recessive to Butterscotch Tipped Black.

The other pedigrees follow the cat Quaseem, whom we saw introduced in the very first pedigree in the thread. Quaseem is proven to show Chocolate Tipped Flame and Hide the new Grey Tipped Black. When Quaseem is mated with a Butterscotch Tipped Black cat (Zara/Skyline), her Butterscotch Black covers Quaseem's throw. Quaseem Must have thrown the Grey Tipped Black, because we know that ChocoTipped Flame is dominant to ButterBlack and the ChocTippedFlame would have covered it.
Ergo, Grey Tipped Black is recessive to Butterscotch Black Tipped.

The next picture, which combines 2 pedigrees, goes back to show more of the background of the cat Quaseem. It's not really necessary, since we can see that Quaseem's mother threw her Chocolate Tipped Flame, and it had already been shown that SiamSeal/Twil/?/Sas shows the genesis silver and hides the Grey Tipped Black. That is to say it doesn't actually matter if Quaseem's mother is Chocolate Tipped Flame pure, we know she threw it - it came from her, and that's all that matters.
The reason to go into it would be if one were worried that the Grey Tipped Black didn't come from the starter at all, but somehow pre-dated the release of the Sweetcats, but I don't think we're actually worried about that.

Edited to add: if anybody sees any flaws in this reasoning please let me know. Because New Most Recessives are Important we like to have more confirmation. Julinah did provide 2 different angles of approach/ 2 different proofs. I'd love to have a second voice saying "aye".
Many thanks for the detailed explanation IvyHeart. my english is not so goodUndecided
Awesome! This will be so nice for so many furs! WTG!♥
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