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Full Version: Traits you have heard Auctioneers Say that you want!
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Ok you all know me and how tongue-tied or how I type out my deep dive notes and not pay attention and make a new trait. Also, you know that I always say as part of the joke, to tell Callie what new trait I have made up. So here is a Thread to list some of the funny mistakes we have all done. So feel free to add to this list that I will start.

Plink anything that was pink yes I said Plink one day and it stuck
Double Stuffy Whiskers instead of Double Stubby
Cinnamon Rainbow Eyes
and yesterdays wonderful laugh Pured Swanky Lite Wiskers.

ok what have you all heard?
I have heard Floofy tail a number of times, that seems to be a favourite with auctioneers Big Grin
ODYSSEY FRAZZYWAVY is NOT a real thing! Tongue
Yes it is Kiki!
your logic is flawed it would have to be Odyssey FrazzledWavy Big Grin
Negative, Rayne. Negative. Odyssey Frazzywavy is NOT real. It's a you-thing.

That said, there are a few things I do *deliberately*, some of them have spread, some of them people have looked at me cross-eyed and wondered if I am illiterate or just plain crazy. =) Calling all the short-short tailed cats 'bunnybutts', that's a thing. That one spread to it's German variation with Julia (hasen arsch, I think is it? I'm not 100% sure that translates back to exactly 'bunnybutt' but 'hare-***' is certainly close enough, even funnier!)

'Abyssinamon' for Abyssinian Cinnamon.
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