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Full Version: Trade a confetti berry girl with a boy?
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Hewwo ^^

I have this boy who is gonna be widowed in a week and all I have is grapeberry boys, I'd be happy to exchange one of my grapeberry boys with another berry girl, in other words a fetti cat of colour. You can see my boys in both of my stores and send me offers in notecards, like which female cats you have and which boy of mine you would like to exchange. I am looking for a box but I'd be ok with a 44 days old girl, too. Or 50 if this post lasts a week. ^^

Let's not leave this boy all alone and weeping on Valentine's. He is a 6T Graberry boy with mega and teacup in his family tree. I am looking for a girl who is congenial (around same traits).

Fur: Confetti - GrapeBerry
Eyes: Ice Crystal (Curious|Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Dreamy
Ears: Pointed Soft Fold
Whiskers: Blonde Streaked (Sassy)
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