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Full Version: ! ! ! RARE Collectables of KittyCats! MUST SEE ! ! ! Sorry Can't be placed on Hold
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[Image: 02f11ec2c5b04215ca617eb55e4a5c9c.png]

Prices are Nonnegotiable ! But First Come with A Good Price gets them.
[ Sorry I can not Hold them. ]
Just IM Me in World > Copy and paste in Local Chat in World and hit Enter.
Then Click link in Local chat to get My Profile and IM me

KittyCatS! - Summer Splash - Swimmer Cat - Bali Blue

KittyCatS! - Surf Cat! - Foxie Blondie

KittyCatS! - Surf Cat! - WipeOut! RARE

KittyCatS! - Summer Splash - Boating Kitties

Here is a Taxi: >>
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