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Full Version: Looking to Give a Unboxed Kitten a Good Home
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We have a new kitten unboxed just born yesterday 12/10. We have 4 already so we are wanting to give this little guy a good home. IM ME if interested! XxDjMandyxX Thanks!
Hi, if you haven't had any takers yet you might want to try the Market section of the forum, theres a section for trading and swapping so you might find someone there Smile Good Luck.
does anyone know is it ok to leave the kitten the house.. I bought food for him in my inventory. if I send him to the cattery do I have to pay again for food
This question is already answered in this thread :

Maybe you should stick to a thread and not post questions in multiple ones, so you can find the answers easily.

Yes, it's ok to leave a cat in your house, if you send it to the cattery, yes, you will have to buy food there as well.
Also cats do not eat food in your inventory even if both are in there, to eat they must either be rezzed inworld with the food set out or in the online cattery with food there, if you leave your cat in your inventory for 3 days it will get sick.
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