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Full Version: Strawberry Bellini / Divine Eyes ! TOY Siam Slame on Raffle! Today @ TRU !
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Hi everyone !

Amazing auction today @ TraitS R uS !

Already in the line up :

Siamese Blue with STRAWBERRY BELLINI Eyes

Blue & White Tabby with DIVINE Eyes


On the raffle board :

TOY Siamese Flame with Fire Eyes

Looking forward to seeing you at 11am SLT !

TRU Team Heart

woot on the raffle I bought my tickets:-)
Siamese Flame is so my favorite cat!
Yay Kayleigh ! Smile

Updated with more goodies !

Special A : Blue&White tabby with DIVINE eyes!!
Special B : Siam Blue with STRAWBERRY BELLINI eyes!!

Russian white 6T pure Ody Rainbow
Burm plat 6T with rounded
Gen Diam 4T with Chopchop tail
Siam Flame hiding Abi SilvBlack
Siam Flame 4T
Siam seal 6T with soft fold
Couple Russian Black& Gen Diam Booboo ears
Couple Red tabby& Gen Diam BooBoo ears
Snowshoe Lilac 8T with Rounded

On the Raffle : Pure Siam Flame with Fire- Toy cat!!
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