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Full Version: It's time for the KittyCatS Community Christmas Tree! *updated*
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Greetings all! It's time for the KittyCatS Community Christmas Tree!

As we said last year, it’s no secret that we think our KittyCatS Community is the best! The KittyCatS community includes some of the kindest, most generous, and most creative people in SL. Throughout the year we get many requests and offers from community members to help us with ideas or events. We’ve seen how many of you will often create free gifts to give away at your CatShow and Decoration Contest displays, and how quickly you will jump in when someone in chat asks for help or advice.

So we’ve decided to bring back the KittyCatS Community Christmas Tree! This giant tree will be available at our Winter Wonderland Sim beginning December 10, and EVERYONE in the community is invited to join in the holiday spirit and come add their own gifts under the tree! We'll also be advertising this event in the SL events listings so the entire SL community can come take part!

Your gift can be ANYTHING you want! Write a poem or a story about your KittyCatS! Take a neat picture and frame it! Make some furniture, or clothing, or a gag gift – whatever you want! Make it fun, silly, extravagant, simple, or wild! The sky's the limit! EVERYONE is invited to take part in this event and provide a free gift to the community! Smile

To participate you just need to do the following:

* Contact Kitten Longmeadow via a notecard titled “KittyCatS Community Christmas Tree” with your avatar name.
* Accept a group invite to our “KittyCatS & Friends Events Group”.

Group invites will be sent out beginning December 1. The tree will be available for gift placement beginning December 3 5. The sim will open to the public beginning December 10 and run through January 6.

If this sounds like an event that you would like to be a part of, then be sure to send your notecard in to Kitten ASAP so we can get you added to our list of gift-givers!
Ahh The Elder Fuzz he duz wanna do this!
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