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Full Version: new Fur-Toyger - Blue
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[Image: gtv486lf.jpg]

[Image: ykjfs4by.png]
Congrats, gorgeous new Toyger fur.

Congrats on your new baby she is pretty! Tongue
LOVE IT ♥♥ Congrats!
What a pretty new toyger! Congrats!

Saxoni Smile
Wow! such a pretty fur
Congratulations! such a beautiful Toyger!
Got a slight narrowing of the range - well, at least it isn''t showing a top of Siamese Seal.

[Image: 06ececc5f2d5f5d371203fd99d8c1ed6.png]

The Burmilla - Lilac Shaded can be traced back to the starter on my lines. Though I did pull a Toyger - Blue last week with a Toyger - Caramel which looks pretty ancient, but I can't get that back to starter.

I'd put the dad with another girl last week to get their special kitten out of the way. That kitten has a shown fur of Bengal - Tawny under the costume. And Under that must lie the Toyger - Blue.

[Image: 0ea181d63ca5b5c79a2662748415d799.png]
Thanks Eleanor. JV 14 B hides Toyger - Blue, when mated with JV 14 G for the special a Bengal - Tawny appears so Toyger - Blue is recessive to Bengal - Tawny.

While I am sure if Eleanor says she can can trace her Burmilla Lilac back the starter that this is indeed the case, I am also sure we will see a considerable narrowing of the range from both ends, esp if she also pulled with a Toyger - Caramel so I'm not updating the charts to show this as a range, nor am I asking Eleanor to provide that proof as I feel its a waste of her time at this point. The entry is linked to this thread so anyone can look up the info here Smile

I had some questions recently about why certain unconfirmed info had not been added to that charts as a guideline so just wanted to clarify that here Smile
I'm posting this for my RL sister Primrose Nichols. One of her starters gave her a Toyger Blue today. Yay! I asked her to show me the other kittens from this starter, knowing any of them that showed a non gen fur would hide the fur. Lo and behold, I think we have a proof of Toyger Blue recessive to Burmilla Chocolate Silver Shaded:

[Image: 419e18ca8c597f715f5ca7806a941377.png]

[Image: 5fa9b9c2f3318e7bb32266d1cfada155.png]

Also, it *appears* that Thyme hides Burmilla Lilac from mom Ambush. If it would be helpful, she could try to pull Thyme's and/or Rick's hidden using a Toyger Snow.
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