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Full Version: Busy Day at the Fire Brigade
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The Pfaffenthal fire brigade is kept very busy by the exploits of the town's KittyCatS: cats up trees, cats down wells, cats in railings …

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4938]
These pictures have been taken from my latest free eBook: "Fire Starter!"

When a series of fires broke out around Pfaffenthal, the finger of suspicion pointed to William Marley: the chimney sweep. Was he negligent with his sweeping duties? However, as is common with stories by Maxwell Grantly, all is not as you might expect it to be. Read “Fire Starter!’ to find out how William solved the riddle of the numerous chimney fires and, by doing so, saved the city’s inhabitants from their burning misery.

If you love KittyCatS and are interested in reading “Fire Starter!” you may like to know that this story can be downloaded free of charge from the iBooks store or from Kobo. Just type “Maxwell Grantly” into the search bar at either of these sites. You will be pleased to know that no KittyCatS were harmed in the making of this story.
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