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Full Version: KittyCats Discoveries & Retirements
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Starry Ocean Blues is PLACED recessive to FlowerChild Woodstock.

This puts the eye below FlowerChild Woodstock and above Rock Turquoise.
thanks everyone for doing this!! xoxoxoxoxox
Is this chart not being updated any longer?
Hi Drift, I see you joined in 2014, so it may be that you're looking at old charts that aren't being updated.

OH, I also see that not everything is here:
JacquelineLove Resident discovered the Chimera fur on 9th June 2020.
I discovered the FlowerChild Lucy eyes on 6th August 2020

Thanks for the poke.

The current Discoveries and Retirements chart is here.

Also, I'll throw in the current dominance chart url as well: here.
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