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Full Version: Beginners Pedigree Class June 13th at 10:30SL
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Corvi's Cat Cafe
Monthly Pedigree Class
For Beginners

By Corvi Ashdene
At CatTales Market Sim
June 13th (Sat) at 10:30SL (Following CatTales Charity Auction)

This class will help you understand and read your Pedigrees, learn what your cats are hiding, and explain how the Recessive/Dominance thing works. We will be discussing the rules that the kittycats follow, what are traits and what aren't, and there will even be Visual Aids to help!

Corvi will be speaking in Local Voice so you will need ears altho you do not have to voice yourself.

Bring all your friends! It's sure to be a lot of fun.

Grab a Feather Wand and come on over!
Please read changes!
Sounds great, I will definitely try to be there.
bumpity bump
YAY Another class!
Oh no i missed this one! Do you know when you'll be holding another class Corvi?
Thank You x
Next class will be Nov 4th Bess!
I will definitely be there, Corvi. Thank you for hosting the class!

-Sabray Mykot-
We had an awesome turn out at the class today. Can't wait to see everyone next month!
Bumping! Can't wait to see everyone
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