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Full Version: Waves
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Hi all! I've been out of sl a couple years and just came back. A lot has changed! There are some exciting new traits, a new profiler available, and I was horrified to read about Callie's accident, but glad she's doing much better now! Some things, however, haven't changed....I'm less than a week back and already have 22 boxes opened (insert eye roll at self).

Great to be back! See you all at the auctions!
Welcome back, Jag!
Welcome back Jag!!!! Was so great to see you yesterday, and am looking forward to your new kittycats lines Big Grin Big Grin
Thanks to you both! It was great to see familiar names when I came back. I'm looking forward to creating those new lines, Mirsoul!
hey welcome back! Glad you're doing well!
welcome back!! Smile happy to see you again here!! Smile
It’s good to see YOU back here! I’m truly happy that you’re recovering !
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