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Full Version: Kitty Cove Sundays @6PM! PERMA Til Death-Bride! Nutcracker SweetS! Ody. Tiger Fold!!
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Join me under the sea Sundays @ 6PM SLT in the Kitty Cove on CatTales. Panels are only 50L!

Here's the line-Up:
BOXED - Female - uberCatS! - uberBaby (Summer 2017). ~Exiles
8T M Bengal Black with Odyssey Bellini, Twinkle, Soft Fold, Latte and Frazzled. ~Louisa
LIVE - Male - NutCracker SweetS! - Plum Pudding Boy (Winter 2015). ~Celia
3T M Confetti BlueBerry with Curious and Double Stubby. ~Joy
2T M Genesis Ginger II with Tapestry Royale and Odyssey Tiger Fold. ~Tazzy
LIVE - VampireGhosts! - Sweet Spirit - Boy & VampireGhosts! - Blood Moon - Girl (Fall of 2019). ~Luna
PERMA- Til Death Do Us Part - Bride (Spooky Collection 2012!!). ~Jasmine
9T M Siamese Seal with Odyssey Flutterby, Blush, Sashay, Tiger Fold, Butterscotch Tipped Black and Swanky Lite. ~Sister
9T F Chateau Cat Black and White No.3 with Meditation Clarity, Blush, Stubby, Tufted, Monochrome and Plush. ~Bubble
9T M Tiger! HuckleBerry with HuckleBerry, Blush, Lush, Tufted, 2 Tone Black and White and Dreamy. ~Arya
LIVE - Female - NutCracker SweetS! - Plum Pudding Girl (Winter 2015). ~Celia (Shark Bait)
8T M Tiger! Turquoise with Grey Matter, Twinkle, Sashay, Tufted and Swanky Lite. ~Rosalee

Cat Mat Listing:

Raffle: INFO!
Brought By: Bubble Babe (bblbabe)
Price: 7L (YES ONLY 7!!!) ACTIVE!
5T M Balinese Lilac Lynx with Dreamy Hideaway, Flair, Mysterious and Equine!

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Updated (8/18) 2 Panels Open!
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Line-Up so far, 8/25 UPDATED. 3 Panels Open!
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