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Full Version: Kitty Cove Sundays @6PM! Dusty Slate! Identical Twins! Groovy! Byrds! MORE!!
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Join me under the sea Sundays @ 6PM SLT in the Kitty Cove on CatTales. Panels are only 50L!

Here's the line-Up:
8T F Burmilla Lilac Shaded with FlowerChild Groovy, Blush, Super Posh, Scotty Fold, Cream and Swanky Lite. ~Celia
9T M Toyger Caramel with Beach Blue, Twinkle, Mysterious, Rounded, Dark Chocolate and Mysterious. ~Trees
9T M Bengal Charcoal with Royal Sapphire, Porcelain, Shorty, Soft Fold, 2 Tone Black and White and Mysterious. ~Louisa
LIVE 9T F MEGAPUSS Toyger Snow with Soul Whisper, Blush, Super Posh, Tufted, Cream and Swanky Lite. ~Oriana
8T M Tiger! Bubblegum with Dry Olive, Porcelain, Sashay, Soft Fold Boo Boo and Wavy. ~Kiera
4T F IDENTICAL TWIN Burmese Platinum with 18 Carat Gold, Curious and Wavy.. ~Sassy (Auctioneer Panel)
8T F TOY Tonkinese Blue Mink with Odyssey Bellini, Curious, Mysterious Odyssey Fold, Latte and Boo Boo. ~Trouble
9T M Burmilla Chocolate Caramel with Changing Leaf, Twinkle, Super Posh, Odyssey Equine, Chocolate Tipped and Double Plush. ~Missy
8T M Russian White with Double Dip Flora, Twinkle, Posh, Scotty Fold, White and Double Plush. ~Kenzie
9T F Siamese Flame with Odyssey Magic, Porcelain, Super Fussy, Odyssey Equine, Chocolate Tipped and Swanky Lite. ~Gia
6T F Foxie Dusty Slate with Posh, Scotty Fold, Black and Boo Boo. ~Sebastian
9T M&F Toyger Snow with Exotic Seas, Blush, Frisky/Sashay, Tufted, Chocolate Tipped Flame/Dusky and Swanky Lite/Wavy. ~Kiera (Shark Bait)
8T M Toyger Caramel with Odyssey Bellini, Twinkle, Fluffy, Odyssey Rounded Fold, Chocolate Tipped and Double Snappy. ~Bubble
9T F Russian Black with Marble Magic, Blush, Super Posh, Tufted, Chocolate Tipped and Fussy. ~Bunny

Cat Mat Listing:

Raffle: Only 50L (ACTIVE)
Brought by: ӍRS. HЄ̨̢ѦVЄ̨̢ƝŁY MƗCHΔЄŁƗS (heavenlyeyes82)
6T M Genesis Mocha II with FlowerChild Byrds, Porcelain, Lush, Equine, Chocolate Tipped and Double Plush!

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