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Full Version: Vendor Packaged Collection Kitties
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I have a still vendor packaged Cupidcats couple and a Forget-Me-Not couple. Would there be any interest by anyone to purchase these kitties? As I understand it they would rezz with newer traits since they have never been unpacked.

I'm trying to get a sense if there would be any point in unpacking them at this time for selling them in shop or if I should just leave them packed for now and continue using them as shop decor. I have been away from SL for a few years now and am trying to get back into the breeding and sales I left.
Keep them in their packages for now! It does enhance their value. (Yes, I'm interested, depending on affordability.)
Thank you for your response.

It's taken me a couple of weeks to try and decide one way or the other if I'd sell or not and still I am not sure entirely of their value at this time and if they'd be worth selling yet. Of course it would also depend on level of interest in each set as well along with if they rezz in special sizes I would imagine. I just do not wish to unpack them until I have a concrete buyer.
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