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Full Version: Sale! T.Caramel Whisper, T.Silver Whisper, Megapuss, DestinySky, Uber, Surprise Spark
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Reduced prices on most kitties!

** 9T Burmilla Choco DESTINY SKYLINE Fluffy Scotty DP [Image: 21ea20b654e25667e591361a7a1b6edf.PNG]
** Live 8T(9T) SURPRISE SPARKLE >71% love
** 9T Toyger Caramel Soul Whisper [Image: 493c026d25f95deeb3ba9711bf28fcc1.PNG]
** 8+1T(9T) Toyger Caramel Galaxy Star MEGAPUSS!
** 9+1T Burmilla Red EJ Blush Fluffy Dreamy Fold Latte Dreamy MEGAPUSS!
** 9T Chateau Pink & White DESTINY RIVERS hider [Image: a813c51dad5ba345ecf5c289ca3ba293.PNG]
Plus: Mountain Mist, Equine, Ocean Mist
MariKitties @Too Adorable

** 9T Australian Mist Charcoal DESTINY SKYLINE [Image: 3b09ea4f061afed985058b529bf83362.PNG]
** 7T(9T) Burmilla Red DESTINY SKYLINE [Image: 3837cf19aefa9c23ea97713e7c9337cf.PNG]
** 9T Australian Mist Blue Marble MOUNTAIN MIST [Image: e7063646cd8e1d29ca11b52f40fbc4e7.PNG]
MariKitties @Secret Smile

** Live 7T Australian Mist Blue Marble UBER ODYSSEY [Image: c30b91f76c879e3973e61027b2066b08.PNG]
** 8T(9T) BurmillaChoc DESTINY SKYLINE
** 6T Abyssinian Dark Choco Galaxy Star EQUINE [Image: 5303dc98379157b4e4f7538d528c0d3f.PNG]
MariKitties @CatTales

** Live 9T Russian Black Passion Wild Tail Vampire Ears
** Live Male DESTINY SKYLINE - low price!
** 8T(9T) Tonkinese Blue Mink MOUNTAIN MIST BIGGER DE BIG
MariKitties @FelineS

Clearance Sale: 50 to 200L for up to 9T Kitties plus Megapuss, Teacup
Live Bengal Black Pumpkin Flash Vampire >50 days
MariKitties @Secret Smile2

Clearance Sale
MariKitties @Paws R US
bumping Blush
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