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Full Version: Calling All Collectors
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Full Set of KittyCatS! Fall-O-Ween 2014 Collection

Orchid Mist Female
Orchid Mist Male
Cobalt Female
Cobalt Male
Cypress Female
Cypress Male
Cornucopia Female
Cornucopia Male
Yellow Corn Female
Yellow Corn Male
Sangria Female
Sangria Male
Special Baby Pumpkin Patch Female
Special Baby Pumpkin Patch Male

20,000L for the full set (Boxed).


Full Set of KittyCatS! Fall-O-Ween 2014 Collection
MonSter MaSh

Furious Fiend Female
Furious Fiend Male
Creepy Creep Female
Creepy Creep Male
Psycho Savage Female
Psycho Savage Male
MadMasher Female
MadMasher Male
Jolly Joker Female
Jolly Joker Male
Darling Diablo Female
Darling Diablo Male
BOO-HOO Beast Female
BOO-HOO Beast Male
Special Baby Terrible Taunter Female
Special Baby Terrible Taunter Male

23,000L for full set (Boxed).


KittyCatS! Spooky Collection 2012 Day Of The Dead
Abby Normal

Fur: Genesis - Smokey V
Eyes: Genesis Earth (Curious|Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: Black (Guitar)
Size: Normal

3,000L (Boxed)


KittyCatS! Baroque Babies - Collabor88 Anniversary 2012

Baroque Baby Black (Male)
Baroque Baby White (Female)

4,000L for the pair (Boxed).


More Kitties will be added during the next week.


P.S - Sorry I won't split the sets up as it took me a long time to get them together - RED.
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