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Full Version: my four fluffy gentlemen
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here are my rl cats

a very rare picture of all four in one spot:
[Image: 30512842zh.jpg]

Charlie (black + white, 4 years) and Hades ( brown tabby, 5 years
[Image: 30512872zp.jpg]

Osiris ( 6 years)
[Image: 30512892uv.jpg]

Amun ( 1 1/2 years)
[Image: 30512911uz.jpg]
awww it must be crazy having four boys bouncing off the walls. Smile very cute!
the black and white one looks like my Reiko!
aww 4 beautiful cats
thanks everybody Big Grin
yes sometimes it is crazy, like yesterday we got delivery including one of those stinking pillows filled with valerian roots. they go crazy over it.
atm I sit with my morning coffe in a living room that looks like we had a teenager party last night Rolleyes
but I love them and never can be long without them
They are four Beauties Shadow, Just Adorable. Smile
So Cute! As for Charlie: "Get in muh belly!!"
So gorgeous! I love the picture of your black looks like its trying to replicate the picture behind him Smile xxx
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