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Full Version: KittyCats from 75L and up
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Heart Hello KittyCat lovers!Heart

! AA KittyCats !

I just marked down some Genesis furs to 75L, some of them have a few traits.
Need a little new blood in your cat line? One of the special releases or their special KittyCats? Maybe you are looking for a retired fur or just like to collect special sizes.
I have over 100 KittyCat boxes on my MP store from 75L and up with special sizes as low as 500L. Don't see what you are looking for? Drop a note card on me in world with the info on your search and I will see what I have in the cattery. I have 500 boxes in there! o.O

I also have a few perma pets in my collection. Occasionally I put one up for sale. Here is the latest:

I am selling one of my Soul Switchers from the 2016 Halloween collection.
She is now a perma pet and there is no upkeep cost to have her.
She requires no food and can be kept in your inventory without side effects indefinatley.

♀ Cadha


Fur: sOuL switCheRs! - giRL - nO. 541154-2521
Eyes: Soul Green (Mysterious/Small)
Shade: Flair
Tail: Swanky
Ears: Rounded
Whiskers: Pink & Teal Tipped Black (Shape: Plush)
Size: 49 cm (19.2 inch)

Version: 1.58
Cadha is a PERMA PET, she does not need food and will not ever get sick,
Cadha is from the 2016 Halloween collection, sOuL switCheRs! and her markings are one of a kind. No 2 soul switchers look exactly the same.
If you would like to see her I have listed her on my little Market Place page.

Wishing you a happy weekend!
Nev Shy

! AA KittyCats !
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