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Full Version: Kitties scripts broken using hud to change clothes
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I tried using my official kittycats hud to turn off collars/hats on 20 or so cats, to reduce prims on my land. (I had never done this before.)

The hud worked fine, but only for the cats who were #1. Awake, and #2. in low prim.

With 12 of my cats who were in low prim but sleeping, and one cat who was in full mode and awake, they immediately started showing yellow broken script triangles. They no longer responded when I clicked on them, and 'Touch' was greyed out on the pie-chart. Soon afterwards red text appeared above them, stating that their scripts were broken. Sad

The huds are not cheap, and should do what they promise. Or at least do no harm.

I have put in a ticket to Support, and await their response.
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