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Full Version: CatTales Adoption Center is FULL of Gorgeous Kitties looking for homes!!
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[Image: 0d279b_bb17219e36cc454b8b588a3ade3b34b6~mv2.png]

Our Adoption Area is FULL of gorgeous kitties! Need something new, or possibly old? Come on over and check out what our patrons have put out!

Anyone can use this area! Please make sure kitties are live, healthy (Permapets are allowed), and not partnered

Please remember to set home, pose them, leave some food out, price them and done.

So many gorgeous kitties here, come over and take a look around!
I keep looking at that bandit mega with the hat and glasses. I have absolutely no need for that cat, BUT! the CUTE! :-)
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Wow lots of great cats!!
These are selling fast!
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more added! woot!
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