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Full Version: CatTales Adoption Center-For ALL Live Kitties (Update 2/17)
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Our Adoption Center is BOOMING with some gorgeous kitties looking for new homes! Here are a few of what we have:

9T Auss. Charc-Fancie Green-Blush-Fluffy-SF-DChoc DP (F)
9T Tonk Lilac Tort-Opaline-Blush-Fluffy-SF-CT DSnappy (F)
8T Burmese Sable-Tap Allure-Fluffy-MoF-Latte SL (M)
9T Red Tab-Mocha-Twink-Drmy-SF-Mono SL (M)

So many kitties! Check out our website listing and teleport right to the kitty you are interested in!! Hurry they usually don't last long.

Full Listing - Teleport to the kitty of your choice

So many more! Take the ride find a new kitty for your cattery!
I keep looking at that bandit mega with the hat and glasses. I have absolutely no need for that cat, BUT! the CUTE! :-)
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Wow lots of great cats!!
These are selling fast!
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more added! woot!
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