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Full Version: Confetti Cherryberry recessiveness
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Since there is no Cherryberry thread. I'll start one in case people are interested in looking at charts on Cherryberry specifically. I am copying posts from other threads on findings.

From the Orangeberry thread:

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Rainbow RE: Confetti Orangeberry : Post your evidence here
This is what I have with Orangeberry in the pedigree that also has another colour around

[Image: 2vnfaeh.jpg]

The mums:

Catlee is a second generation Cocoberry, who has made Orangeberry and blueberry kittens (different fathers)

Lizzy is a starter Cocoberry, who has made two blueberry kittens (different fathers)

Rose is a second generation cocoberry who has made two appleberry kittens (different fathers)

Jadelyn is a fourth generation Plumberry who has made one plumberry kitten

[Image: ru3e4x.png]
From Lemonberry thread:

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RE: Confetti - LemonBerry Post Proofs here!
A new proof for the lemonberry being recessive to Cherryberry

[Image: 5c73607bec598c0b4d94cefd48709361.png]
Most recent infor and saga list :

This is what i have in my files about Cherry :

This pedigree was shown to me by Keelai Caproni (keelai)
shows limberry recessive to cherry and was approved by saga ! yay

I'll make the picture a bit bigger, Ivy, if you'd like. Please tell Keelai thanks for the proof.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4190.png]

just fyi, once you've added an attachment you can show it as a bigger pic by putting

[ bracket then img then bracket ] then the url, in this case
then end it with [ bracket / slash then img then bracket ]

I put spaces and words so you can see the code. otherwise it would go all invisible.
Also, Ivy, I like your chart better than the way Saga has things lined up on the "worksheet for stuff" since their's looks scrambled and yours is clearer. I am pasting your chart below a bit bigger so it's easier for others to see:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4185]

forum 1/27/16 Cherryberry rec to Orangeberrry
Saga 10/11/15 CherryBerry rec PlumBerry
forum 2/6/16 Cherryberry dom to Lemonberry
Saga 4/1/16 Cherryberry dom Limeberry
forum 1/2/17 Cherryberry dom Limeberry
Saga 11/29/15 Cherryberry dom to Tealberry
Saga 1/4/17 Cherryberry dom to Appleberry

Cherryberry rec to Orangeberrry
CherryBerry rec PlumBerry rec to Blueberry

Cherryberry dom to Appleberry dom to grapeberry, limeberry, pinkberry , tealberry
Cherryberry dom to Lemonberry dom to Grapeberry, Tealberry
Cherryberry dom Limeberry
Cherryberry dom to Tealberry dom to Limeberry

done rec to blueberry
done rec to orangeberry
done rec to plumberry
done dom to appleberry
done dom to Lemonberry
done dom to grapeberry
done dom to limeberry
done dom to pinkberry
done dom to tealberry

Cherryberry rec to blueberry, orangeberry, plumberry
Cherryberry dom to lemonberry, grapeberry, limeberry, tealberry, appleberry, pinkberry

Cherryberry is placed between Orangeberry and Appleberry.
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