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Full Version: Saga Benefit Raffle for Feb ends Feb 28th!
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You all rock! Thank you all so much! Little over a week left!
Due to moving sims we will be ending the raffle early! Raffle will end Thrusday, So if you want to enter better do it quick!
The Jan Saga Raffle will End this Thursday!
Due to moving sims we have to end the raffle early this month.
Each entry is 100L and the winner gets everything on the raffle board!
All entry fees are donated to Saga to help them out with food costs.
If you need info feel free to message Arella Ohmai.
Thank you all for helping Saga out! You all help keep the charts and traits being updated/placed!
Drum Roll.....
And the winner of the saga raffle is....
Denruth! Congrats!
And thank you all for entering, we raised 4600L for saga this month! You all ROCK!
We will start a new raffle on Feb 1st with some awesome kitties!
Feb Saga Benefit Raffle has started!

The raffle will end around the 28th!

Each entry is 100L$ each, you may enter as much as you like, more entries means more kibble can be bought and you get a better chance to win!
Taxi: Saga Benefit Raffle at Kitten Haven
Get in it to win it!
Whoot Awesome kitties up for raffle get in it to win it!
Thank you everyone who has entered! Keep the entries coming!
Bumpity, keep those entries coming!
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