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Full Version: Saga Benefit Raffle for Feb ends Feb 28th!
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Come join in!
Saga Saga Saga! Whoot LOL
Stop by and enter!
bumpity bump bump!
entry numbers slowly raising
Thanks for doing this hugs
I wanted to take a moment and thank you Arella for putting these raffles on each month. Your organization of the raffle and the community entering the raffle has been a wonderful thing. We do go through a lot of kibble when testing out traits and getting them placed.

I love how we all have come together to help place traits for breeding dominance. From posting our Pedigrees in the forums to sending copies to SAGACharts.
I love that we have so many people using the SAGA Project Space to help with placement of traits as well. We are all team members.
Remember if you would like to help with placement of traits and need prims or some help with Kibble contact me about joining SAGA Projects group.

(01-02-2017 06:11 PM)Arella Ohmai Wrote: [ -> ]The Jan Saga Raffle has started! It will run for 30 days this time! So plenty of time to enter and win some awesome kitties while supporting those that work hard at placing traits for the Saga Docs!
You are most welcome BreeAnn Big Grin We are so happy to help out and love how our community is helping out!
A Saga Breeder donated a cute mega boy for the raffle!
He has been added!
Stop by and enter!
Whoot we are up to 1400L Raised! Still little over 2 weeks to go! Enter to win it!
whoot up to 1800l! Keep on entering, thank you all who have entered!
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