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Full Version: Food/Milk/Vitamin Exchange Process & Instructions
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(03-21-2017 09:57 AM)debbieramey44 Resident Wrote: [ -> ]My Cats were sick in my inventory and I rezed them out and gave them food it said in local it was outdated food so I went and got new food but is still saying in local it is old food!! I don't understand this!! sighs please help me!!

Hi Debbie. It means that you still have an old food bowl rezzed. When the cats send you the message, they also send you an SLurl to the location of the bowl, You'll need to remove the bowl so they can't access it, and then make an appointment to have the bowl exchanged. Smile
I forgot to add what I have to exchange but also.. it says to set all for the food.. but what if you cant the ones I have that are out dated are starter food? can they still be updated
(03-26-2017 03:21 PM)Raina Winterwolf Wrote: [ -> ]I forgot to add what I have to exchange but also.. it says to set all for the food.. but what if you cant the ones I have that are out dated are starter food? can they still be updated

If your food cannot be set to Anyone, then we have to manually exchange it and I have to verify how many bowls you have. You can set up an appointment on the site with me, or just contact me in world and rez them out for me to verify. Smile
(12-27-2016 06:17 PM)Kitten Longmeadow Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all! This post will explain how the process to exchange your old food/milk/vitamins for new ones will work. The exchange process begins on Dec. 31, 2016.

To clarify, the food/milk/vitamins are considered "OLD" if they were purchased or acquired from collection packs prior to October 4, 2016. This food will expire after December 31, 2016. This is due to a change we made in the scripting for our food and other consumables.

If you purchased NEW food/milk/vitamins after October 4, 2016, then those are fine and they will not expire.

If you are not sure which is which, OLD consumables have scripts, etc. inside their contents. NEW consumables appear empty. If you are still unsure, schedule an appointment anyway and staff will assist you.

PLEASE BE ON TIME! If you are 10min late, your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to re-schedule.[/b][/u]


This exchange has to be processed manually by our staff via appointment. To schedule an appointment, please contact Kitten Longmeadow directly in world via IM or notecard, with the days/times you are available for an appointment.

Appointments will last at least 30min. Please plan accordingly.


Please read these instructions carefully in order to help expedite the exchange process.


1. Gather the items you are exchanging into your inventory. We suggesting organizing them into separate folders so you can find them easily.
2. Reduce your attachments as much as possible.
3. Remove any scripted objects or AO's to help with sim lag

Your appointment is held at the KittyCats Shop sim here:

Please arrive to your appointment on time. Please be prepared to follow all staff instructions during your appointment. The appointment will last approx. 30min and you must be present through the entire process.

If you have a lot of items to exchange, be advised that we may run out of time during the appointment to exchange everything. If this happens, staff will coordinate scheduling another appointment with you to exchange the rest of your items.


1. Follow all staff instructions. Please wait for staff to give you direction before rezzing or clicking anything.

2. Food & Milk - Staff will direct you to rez all of your dishes and set them to ANY (Tip: you can expedite things by pre-setting them to ANY, so it is already set for your appointment.)

3. Vitamins - Staff will direct you to rez your vitamins and click to apply them to a dummy object rezzed at the location.

4. Portable food - Staff will give you a dummy object that you need to attach to yourself. You will then attach your portable food to yourself.

If you have a lot of portable food, you will need to attach them in batches of 10+. The dummy object will consume the portable food. Wait for staff to give you instruction before attaching/detaching.

5. Once everything has been applied/consumed, staff will convert the old items to new items that will be delivered to you by our server. Be prepared to receive notifications accepting each item. (If you have a lot of items, you may want to enable auto-accept inventory for this part.)

If you have any questions regarding the exchange, please contact Kitten Longmeadow before your appointment.

(01-02-2017 08:18 PM)Kitten Longmeadow Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-02-2017 06:54 PM)TasiaAmberRaeNaylise Resident Wrote: [ -> ]Will there be someone else doing this as well for those who are on during the evening? AKA, after the time of 5:00PM SLT?

Unfortunately, no. If people need to make special arrangements they should contact me directly so we can work out a time for them. Smile

oh i hope i am there at right time my time is SLT +9 Sad
Hi Kitten, I have 5 bottle's of Love10 that are expired, I need to switch them out for new one's if poss. Thanks ReeciePie
oh geez, I forgot all about the exchange. Is it too late or can we still do them?
We can still do them.
Yay! Thank you.
thank you kitten.
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