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Full Version: hmm, are the kitties kissing or about to snatch the prezzie from under the other
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hmm, are the kitties kissing or about to snatch the prezzie from under the other?

Exhibit 15 by 5ynester Blackburn
This exhibit is fun to photograph -- also with a change of color, it seems to change the intent. If you zoom into the kitties and look at it from a cat's angle, closer to the ground, the exhibit has a bigger impact. Several of the exhibits are like that, meant to be taken from a cat's angle so do't be afraid to zoom in while you're walking around voting.

Now I couldn't quite decide whether they were about to kiss or doing the cat stare down thing to decide who would get the prezzie

[Image: 591740.jpg?width=800]

But a little mood lighting, it's definitely a kiss

[Image: 8d29aee5d482e7fed9011ad6ece1d659.png]
Windlight Tor Sci Fi Nongeneric Fantasy

I actually found the white of the igloos ideal to play with windlights because the white reflected the lights quite nicely. Also some Windlights pick up on the shade in the fur more than others like this one
[Image: 591753.jpg?width=800]
TOR Sci Fi polaron charge 1

and this one. Makes me think the neon lights got reflected onto the cats
[Image: 591754.jpg?width=800]
TOR Sci Fi shine on my friends

At any rate, it's a cute little scene. Quite charming. The penguins kept flying about which is why they are in different places in the pics. The igloos kinda have a glow so no shadows so the focus is on the shapes and colors and scene.

If KittyCatS had a smooch button in the menu ( suggestion noted) I would
say they were gonna take advantage of that mistletoe the other guy
is holding.

You're in the living room wrapping presents, the eggnog is flowing,
things happen!

However, based on the current pose, it looks like although the mistletoe
guy is encouraging such behaviour, the two cats below are not really
getting along right now and prefer to indulge in a STARE DOWN!

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